Welcome to the Affiliate Program of the Jaguar Foundation!!

Our affiliate program allows any natural person or corporate entity to contribute on a temporary or permanent basis to the needs of the research program promoted by the Jaguar Foundation. We have established an affiliation form for entering any desired information and collaboration, according to the amount and time of affiliation that the contributor may select.


I. General Information:

Type of affiliation:

Type of affiliation:

Check payable to "Fundación Jaguar":

Bank deposit in US$ to BAC SAN JOSE S.A. N° XXXXXX

SINPE transfer to Account in US$: XXXX, FUNDACIÓN JAGUAR, Corporate identity number 3-006-641989

It is important to indicate the name of the contributor when making the transfer.


We at the Jaguar Foundation wish to express our deepest thanks to the contributors, who, like us, have believed in the importance of supporting the efforts of the state Universities in the conservation and preservation of the jaguar.